What Dan Savage Said

I stole this directly from the brilliant Anne Johnson at The Gods Are Bored.

3 responses to “What Dan Savage Said

  1. Since NY passed legislation allowing full matrimonial status for same-sex unions, the RC and Evangelical blogs have been going bonkers on the subject. I’ve stepped in with my comments where appropriate, and it tends to drive them crazy. Those folks do not like to be reminded that there are Christians who disagree with them, and who can adduce good reasons for their disagreement.

    They become particularly upset when I point out to them that the country in which I live has had same-sex marriages since 2005; and we’ve seen that “traditional” marriages have not been harmed in any way, not a single church has fallen down, and not a single cleric has been arrested for being a homophobic git. This cuts the ground out from under their delusions of persecution. They may find this hard to take, but it will, I hope, be good for them in the end.

  2. I stole it from Cat Chapin-Bishop. We all run in the same circles, don’t we?

  3. Makarios, Bless you. I esp. love the argument that letting gay people get married will somehow “sully” hetro marriage. If hetro marriage is that weak, well, maybe it deserves to go by the wayside.

    Anne, Pagan Blogistan: small town. The video was so good that it deserved to be repeated.

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