Random Thoughts on a Burning Planet

As noted earlier, my job is keeping me really busy.

That’s a good thing. I love my job; I get to do good there; and, also, too, besides, I need the money, now that our Democratic President is jonesing to cut Social Security and Medicare. (Don’t blame me; I voted for Hillary. Countdown to “she’d have been just as bad,” based on zero evidence, in 5, 4, 3, . . . .)

So here are a few, random thoughts thrown together in the extreme heat of a swampy, D.C. summer evening, just before I dive back into (1) thinking and (2) writing (they’re both, in W’s words, “hard work”. A huge part of me resists them and a huge part of me, in Rumi’s words, “is running toward my life shouting,
What a bargain, let’s buy it!”).

* Grids, esp. on the East Coast, are really stressed. Please go around your house and turn off all unnecessary lights. No, really, all. Unplug every electrical device that you are not, right now, using. Many electrical devices are “vampires,” using up electricity even when they are turned “off.” This is true of tvs, dvrs, computers, etc. It’s also true of, for example, coffee makers, microwaves, and radios that have a clock. Unplug them.

*People are stressed out. The more time that a given person must spend out in these extreme temperatures (Thanks, Overpopulation!), the more likely they are to be stressed out. Right now, that’s a whole lot of people. The majority of them have (unlike Pagans) NO training in how to ground, center, come back to their Namaste selves. And now is a v good time to do some general calming magic for your entire Landbase or Watershed, including the people therein. It’s also a good time to up your own daily practice to help you to deal with what’s going on.

*Particularly in need of assistance just now are homeless people and wildlife, esp. in the cities and suburbs. Can you carry two bottles of water with you to hand out as needed? Can you put out a bowl of water for wildlife? Can you write down the number of your local homeless shelter and hand it out?

*It’s a good time to return to the basics of self-care. Get enough sleep (damn, it’s too hot to be doing much, anyway). Drink a lot of water (and if you can remember to bless it, spell it, charge it up, so much the better). Eat fruits and vegetables and lay off the heavy stuff. Carry a paper fan. Ground. Center. Envision cold caves, cool breezes, gentle flames, icy lakes, a still place at the Center.

*Talk to Mamma Gaia. Ask her how you can best priestess/priest/shaman this transition. What does she want from you? Some of us may be called to sing death dirges for all the lifeforms perishing due to human-caused global climate change. Some of us may be called to fight. Some of us may be called to write the poetry of this age. Ask Gaia what she needs from you. And then do it, now.

I’m headed back to the pleading I’ve been writing. Every 20 minutes, I’m jumping up to move the sprinklers in my garden. With each move, I say a prayer to Gaia, I call to Neptune to guard my Pisces G/Son, and I drink a tall glass of water with mint.

May it be so for you.

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6 responses to “Random Thoughts on a Burning Planet

  1. I’d suggest you come out to the Blue Ridge Mountains (I’m at the end of the Brunswick line), but, day-am, it’s just as hot here. I’m in the basement, with a fan going.

  2. Apparently this is the new normal. The Pacific Northwest has been spared, so far, but the future looks like more of the same.

    On the other hand, the cockeyed optimist in me hopes that perhaps the Masters of the Universe who rule the U.S. from Wall Street and D.C. will get the message that they have to live with the same climate as everyone else, and that their actions have consequences.

  3. It’s been this bad here in Oklahoma for a month now. It’s been pretty miserable. A lot of us are getting punch-drunk from the oppressive weight of it all.

  4. again … please add Texas to your lists of dry, dusty and fried-to-a-crisp … watering, watering, watering ….

    … even DH asked for Witchy ideas for any thoughts, ideas, spells to encourage rain to return ….ideas?

  5. Hear hear to water! I needed this reminder.

  6. Pagan Puff Pieces

    I find that a Japanese uchiwa is much more efficient than a folded paper fan.

    (Anyone remember being scolded by grade school teachers for making paper fans in hot weather, being told that we were actually making ourselves hotter by fanning ourselves?)

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