Beyond Gender

Here’s an example of good framing. The purpose of the short video is obviously to get word out about an upcoming retreat on gender issues and spirituality. Note that there’s no discussion of what the retreat won’t involve. The video starts off with information about how the retreat came about, what topics are going to be covered, what the retreat leaders hope will happen. There’s some practical information about how the days will be structured and where you can find more information. It’s not until the very end that the video covers what may be a sensitive topic (the retreat center is “clothing optional”) and even that is handled in a positive way that ties everything back to the purpose of the retreat.

Contrast this with the hundreds of interviews you’ve seen of Pagans wanting to get word out about an upcoming Pagan Pride (for example) event. “We’re having a Pagan Pride Day so that people will find out that we don’t worship Satan or eat babies. We don’t do hexes. We don’t hate Christians.” Often, that sort of thing takes up so much time/space that basic details about the event are left out: when, where, webpage, etc. And if they aren’t left out, the informative details are left to the very end.

If you’re going to interact with the media or do publicity, it’s worth watching this video a few times over to help get how good framing is done.

One response to “Beyond Gender

  1. I’m proud to say that I am the person who taught Thorn Coyle how to paddle a canoe. With all her martial arts training, she picked it up real fast.

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