Nice Frame

Here’s a press release for Northern Virginia Pagan Pride Day. It’s nicely done.

Lorton, VA (October 1, 2011) – Northern Virginia Pagan Pride Day 2011 will be held on October 1 at Occoquan Regional Park (volleyball field) from 10am – 5pm. People of all ages and spiritual backgrounds are welcome. The event will include information booths, vendors, entertainers, rituals, and other activities celebrating the Autumn Equinox, a time of thanksgiving in many Pagan traditions. An item of non-perishable food will be accepted as admission and donated to local charities.

The Pagan Pride Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to the elimination of prejudice and religious discrimination through education, activism, charity, and community. Annual Pagan Pride celebrations are held during the months of September and October. Over 80 cities participated in 2010 and this year there are 100 scheduled events in the United States, Canada, and abroad.

Modern Paganism, or Neo-Paganism, is a growing religious movement based on combinations of ancient polytheism, modern Eco-spirituality, and reverence for the Divine as both masculine and feminine. Many followers practice forms of American folk magic or Witchcraft.

Northern Virginia Pagan Pride Day 2011 will feature popular Pagan author and teacher Dorothy Morrison in its program schedule.

For more information about the event or about Pagan religions, contact David Salisbury, Lead Coordinator, at (757) 752-6610 or via email at Additional information regarding Pagan Pride Day is located at

Notice that it includes information on where, when, etc. It gives a good, succinct description of modern Paganism and focuses on what events and speakers will be included. The framing is positive; there’s no discussion of what Pagans DON’T do.

Now if the rain will just hold off for the weekend . . . .

Picture found here.

One response to “Nice Frame

  1. Can I make a suggestion? Will you tag this as “template” and keep it on your site so other groups can access it? Seriously, all that would need to be changed is the place, date, and time. The rest is BRILLIANT!

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