Stand Up for Religious Freedom & the Divine Feminine

This Sunday, October 30th, is predicted to be a lovely Autumn day in Columbia’s District. That’s good news because, beginning at noon, Pagans from all around the country will be gathering at Lafayette Park, directly across from the White House, to hold a Celebration of the Divine Feminine and Religious Freedom, as a protest to the New Apostolic Reformation’s 51-day prayer campaign targeting Pagans, Wiccans, Witches, Druids, Heathens, and other Goddess-worshipers nationwide.

If you can possibly be there, even for a short time, please do come.

Because Lafayette Park is so near to the White House, there are some safety restrictions. For example, weapons are not allowed and that includes even ritual knives, athames, staffs, etc. More information on these requirements, as well as information on metro stops, etc. can be found here.

The ritual and drumming promise to be outstanding.

Will you be there?

Picture found here.

2 responses to “Stand Up for Religious Freedom & the Divine Feminine

  1. My spirit will be with them from its physical place across the country. What an undelightful situation, to have to defend ourselves against full attack.

  2. I’ll be there in spirit from the other side of the country. 😉 I have had some things “cooking” for a month or so and will be doing a working Friday night to add to your energies.

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