Learning to Love the Land

For any Witch working to develop a deeper relationship with hir landbase, Autumn is an incredibly rewarding time. It’s now when the land undergoes a deep transformation, baring its bones and showing its naked self. Spending time with the land right now can deepen your relationship with it, in part, because it is now when the land changes so dramatically. Pick a three-week period in, say, July and spend it observing the same bit of Earth and you won’t, unless your eye is practiced, see too much change from day to day or week to week. But go out every day between now and Thanksgiving and spend some time with the same bit of Earth and you’ll see big changes in everything from the quality of the light, to the hardness of the ground, to the revelation of all the trees without their leaves. And watching that change is a great way to have a conversation with your own landbase.

What’s going on with Mother Earth reminds me a bit of something that Christine Kane wrote this week (about personal growth, but I think the same principal applies):

3 – Slow Down to Speed Up

After you set your intention, there might be a slow down period. That’s because you have to let go of some of the old in order for the new to arrive. During this time period, most of the people in your life will think you’ve lost your mind.

One of my self-reinventions was the transformation of my music career into an on-line model that included coaching and mentoring women. When I began this transition, I experienced one whole year of questions from my musician and songwriting friends: “Ohmigod, what’s going on? You’re NEVER on the road anymore!” They were downright worried for me.

I had to clear out the old. I had to slow down to speed up. The “slow down” period is why so few people want to reinvent themselves. It can be very uncomfortable to keep your focus on your intention, while everyone wants you to justify your choices.

(Trust me on one thing, okay? When things pick up again, everyone will want to know your secret! It will suddenly seem like you did it effortlessly!)

4 – Take Action

Slowing down to speed up doesn’t mean you sit back and watch television. You must take action. You might feel, at first, like you’re stumbling and fumbling – but a steady movement forward helps the process.

People who believe it’s ALL about positive thinking are forgetting that human beings are meant to take action and use their bodies, too. Our bodies are a huge part of our powerful creative system! Use yours and take action!

Between Samhein and Imbolc, Earth slows down. She stops doing the things she was doing. Plants and animals go as dormant as they can. It seems that she has lost Her will to live. And yet, Her body is taking actions that can’t be seen. Like Witches, Her body is the medium of Her magic. And, come Spring, everyone looks at the bare ground and wonders how all those magical plants effortlessly push up and how all of those magical animals are suddenly born. Spending time with Her now can make the coming Spring all the more wonderful.

How can you make time in your busy life to slow down and spend time growing your relationship with your landbase?

Picture found here.

One response to “Learning to Love the Land

  1. Fabulous points to think about! The Earth is indeed slowing down at this time of year. I often overlook this fact. This has inspired me to experiment with just that – take a picture of a certain part of land every day for three weeks in July, and again for three weeks in November. The results would be beautiful. How can we slow down and spend time growing our relationship to the land? It is tough. Perhaps stop on your way in your front door and stand for thirty seconds on the Earth and concentrate on her energy – as a start.

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