May You Dwell in Your Own Caledonia

It would take, I think, the same hurricane-force winds to tear me from my own bit of Earth that it takes to uproot the mighty oak trees around here. And, yet, there’s really not a day that goes by that some part of me doesn’t long for the West Virginia mountains, and another part that doesn’t long for the highlands of Caledonia.

Where does your spirit reside?

Wherever it is, I hope that, tonight, you are with those you love. Because that is what truly brings our spirits and our bodies home.


4 responses to “May You Dwell in Your Own Caledonia

  1. Blessed Solstice and Good Yule, Hecate, and wishing all the same for you and your loved ones.

  2. Ditto to the GreenMan, above.

    My heart resides nested in the Front Range of Colorado. Every time I cross the mountains from Boulder towards Estes Park, I rejoice. When I’m in Rocky Mountain National Park, I am at home.

    I live, now, in the Maryland Suburbans of our city on the swamp. Which I love, too, just not in the same way.

    Thanks for this blog, it is a real favorite of mine.

  3. A sandy beach, sometimes on an ocean, sometimes on a Caribbean lagoon. With rocky crags and a forest above it. I’ve no idea if this place exists on this plane, but I’ve been there many times.

    May this season of dark skies, glowing stars and growing light be one of happiness and hope for you, Hecate, and those you love.

  4. My spirit resides in the pine forests, moors, and fjords of the far North, except for when it’s roaming the streets of London, Montreal, Copenhagen, or Amsterdam.

    A belated happy Yule.

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