A Spell for America

I ran down to McPherson Square today during my lunch break to drop off a bag of oranges and some of the Phrygian caps that I’ve been knitting for the OccupyDC people. The sign pictured above sits at the edge of the encampment. It says:

We are confident that we are emissaries of the Light. And in knowing this, we ask guidance from the creative forces that we will be aided in uncovering our truest potential through inspiration, using the intelligent healing power of love to heal ourselves, as well as others.

(That’s not a bad spell. 😉 )

So mote it be.

Photo by the author; if you copy, please link back.

3 responses to “A Spell for America

  1. A very good spell for brewing tea, cheking the herbs, making a pot of soup, digging in the garden, cuddling a purring old cat, sending a child to the dreaming world of sleep, lighting the beeswax candles or cleaning, sweeping and breathing in the night air ….

    So Mote It Be.

  2. Our job is to spread light, and not to master.

    variation on The Dead’s Terrapin Station

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