Wisdom, Who Circling, Circled

O strength of Wisdom who, circling, circled, enclosing all in one life-giving path, three wings you have: one soars to the heights, one distills its essence upon the earth, and the third is everywhere. Praise to you, as is fitting, O Wisdom.”

~Hildegard von Bingen

hat tip: NPR


One response to “Wisdom, Who Circling, Circled

  1. Tonight I got up in the middle of the night because I have a cough, and so I began some internet research for a concert in March. I got the idea just recently that it would be nice to start with Hildegard von Bingen (it’s a program of only female composers), and I listened to several of her works on YouTube. Was going back and forth between this and another chant, and then, of all things, I see that you have posted this very clip tonight. Which I suppose is the universe’s way of saying that this is the one I shall sing. Thank you for the message!

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