Shit Knitters Say

12 responses to “Shit Knitters Say

  1. Love it!

    P.S. The Roost, where some scenes are filmed, is my friend’s cafe here in town. I better get my butt over there for Knitting Liberally sometime (of course, I don’t know how to knit. But I can crochet, so maybe I can pass)!

  2. Where was the “YARN FUMES!” warehouse was?! What stores is that!?!? I. Must. Know!!!!!

  3. Hahaha. Love this. Have to share! (I never swatch, haha) And yes, where is that yarn fumes place?

  4. This is wonderful….

  5. Sheri, that looked like the Webs back room.

  6. Please, please could someone post the transcript (closed captions) for this slightly hearing impaired knitter. I just know i am missing the best lines.

  7. Eliesa, it is closed captioned, just click on the CC on the lower right…

  8. its like you are inside my head!! I am planning a trip to North Hampton

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