Eagles for Eostara

All day, my Bit of Earth has rung with the sounds of children, esp. the 4 little girls who live in the 2 houses across the street, playing outside. It’s way warmer than it has any reason to be, here, a few days ahead of the Spring Solstice. I woke up this morning to the sound of children’s voices coming through my open windows, then dressed and drove to G/Son’s martial arts tournament. Afterwards, he wanted to go to the local Nature Center.

I know that I’ve blogged about this before, but G/Son and I love going to the Nature Center. This morning, we were almost the only ones there, so the wonderful naturalist was great about sharing her wealth of information with us. She told us that the stuffed bird was red-tailed hawk (not a falcon, as G/Son and I guessed). She told us we were right about which snake was the copperhead and which was the rattlesnake. She showed us how to make a tiny tornado in the bottles filled with liquid. G/Son and I walked all the way around the pond and saw nine (!) turtles sunning themselves on fallen longs (“sunbathing,” G/Son called it). We saw two Canada Geese and at least a few bees and moths. We’ve been checking out this website which, last night, showed an eagle chick emerging from its shell. Technology can, IMHO, be amazing. A few minutes ago, I watched daddy eagle feed his less-than-a-day-old chick some fish. There’s one more egg to hatch, likely tonight or tomorrow. Welcome to early Eoastara. These eagles are south of Richmond, just inside the southern boundary of what I consider my landbase. G/Son and I think that they’re v cool.

When I invoke Air, I often visualize eagles. I shan’t be gone long. You come too.

One response to “Eagles for Eostara

  1. That’s wonderful. You have Eagles for Spring, and I have at least one Owl for Autumn!

    Terri in Joburg

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