The Continued War on Sanity in Loudon County

You’ll never guess who’s missing:

Supervisor Ken Reid (R-Leesburg) presented a drawing made by his teenage daughter of what the display could be, including children representing each faith and holiday—Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Kwanzaa, Aethism, and Sikhism—and holding a symbol of their beliefs, with a Christmas tree in the background. Reid said he was not offering it up as an actual option, but said it was more a representation of how each of the major religions could be represented in the display.

You know, I never ceased to be amazed at the lengths some people will go to in order to ignore simple solutions. What Loudon County needs to do is to keep holiday displays off of county property. Simple. If churches, private businesses, and individuals want to put up holiday displays on their own property, that’s fine. But there is NO REASON why county property has to be used to put up holiday displays. And, if there were some incredible reason to put up a holiday display (to promote holiday shopping or community good will or whatever), an led-lit snowman surrounded by giant candy canes and snowflakes would do just fine. You want your holiday display? There, you got one. (Of course the Dominionists will just complain that Jesus is the Reason for the Season and it’s terrible to leave Jesus out. Which leads me back to my first point.)

Stop for a minute and consider the amount of time of money being spent on this nonsense by a county that, like most counties in America, has had to cut back on basic services. And, regardless of what display someone’s teen-age daughter creates (/rolls eyes), the Dominionists won’t be happy and the First Amendment WILL get trampled on and the county will likely end up spending more time and money in court. Intelligent county officials could make this case and explain that, as a prudent use of tax dollars, there will be no holiday displays on county property. The Dominionists could bitch for a few years and, eventually, no one would even remember that the Christians used to get to take over county property to impose their religion on everyone else.

What is so difficult about that???????

/hat tip to my madcap friend, R.

Picture found here.

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