Brides of Dracula

Right now there are a great many dollars in the global economy that are no longer worth the same as any other dollar. Consider the trillions of dollars worth of essentially worthless real estate loans on the balance sheets of banks around the world. Governments allow banks to treat these as assets, but unless governments agree to take them, they can’t be exchanged for anything else, because nobody in his right mind would buy them for more than a tiny fraction of their theoretical value. Those dollars have the same sort of weird half-existence that horror fiction assigns to zombies and vampires; they’re undead money, lurking in the shadowy crypts of the world’s large banks like so many brides of Dracula, because the broad daylight of the market would kill them at once.

~John Michael Greer in The Wealth of Nature: Economics as if Survival Mattered

More and more, I’m convinced that learning skills that will allow us to live outside of the broken global economy is a good idea. But I could be wrong.

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2 responses to “Brides of Dracula

  1. And growing our own sustenance is one of those skills, as well as putting up what we grow. Plus, it’s joyful and rewarding.

  2. I remember getting my head bitten off by a group of women who were appalled when I said there was NO REASON why someone should not know how to cook. As far as I’m concerned, knowing how to cook basics and recognize herbs in the wild should be basics 101. Hell, I don’t buy mint in the summer because we have a huge bush of it right outside of our condo.

    I think the groundskeepers purposefully leave it there as I’m not the only woman who tip toes out with a pair of scissors and a big bowl for an impromptu “harvest.”

    Not knowing how to provide for oneself outside of going to the grocers is really a first-world luxury.

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