War on Birth Control = War on Women

This is a fascinating discussion of the history of opposition to birth control. Interestingly, it started in reaction the initial move for women’s rights. And that’s something to keep in mind when people try to tell you that it’s really religious and that it really isn’t anti-woman.

hat tip: @sarahposner

3 responses to “War on Birth Control = War on Women

  1. Can someone tell me why, in the year 2012, this is even controversial? For serious, why are the media giving any traction at all to the Catholic bishops’ attempts to relitigate the Enlightenment?

    Not being a woman, I may be speaking out of turn; but it seems to me that, if a woman is not free to decide whether, and when, she will have children, then she’s not free, full-stop. And this is true even if the motive for denying her freedom to choose is religious.

  2. Thgis is fantastic. Am reblogging. Thank you x

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