Pagan Values?

June is Pagan Values Month and I’m preparing a post on that topic. But I’m curious what my readers think. Are there values that are particularly important to Pagans? Are there qualities or characteristics that Pagans value more highly than do other people?

JPW suggests today that we tend to value reading, learning, and libraries. Do you agree?

What are your Pagan Values?

Picture found here.

5 responses to “Pagan Values?

  1. Wow, what a great photo! That’s where my values are — in the soil under my roots…uh, feet.

  2. As a Dianic witch, the major values I’m trying to instill in my daughter are empowerment, critical thinking, and compassion. I want her to retain the power to make her own choices in life, amidst a sea of conflicting ideas that often crush women’s spirit. I want her to explore and sample freely from the world’s traditions while resisting fundamentalist truth claims of any variety. And I want her to honor others’ choices and paths in accordance with the Wiccan Rede. Those are our family values.

  3. Plain and simple mindfulness. Mindfulness in all parts of our lives, even (or especially) in the mundane and natural world.

  4. At the very foundation of Paganism, calling yourself a Pagan, is the bone deep awareness that the Earth, and all that lives in on and around Her is sacred. If you don’t live by that principle…no matter what you call yourself…you’re not Pagan.

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