If You Can’t Listen to the Word, You Can’t Legislate About It


Dear Michigan Legislature:

Is ‘vagina’ suitable for use
in a sonnet? I don’t suppose so.
A famous poet told me, ‘Vagina’s ugly.’
Meaning, of course, the sound of it. In poems.
Meanwhile he inserts his penis frequently
into his verse, calling it, seriously, ‘My
Penis’. It is short, I know, and dignified.
I mean of course the sound of it. In poems.
This whole thing is unfortunate, but petty,
like my hangup concerning English Dept memos
headed ‘Mr/Mrs/Miss’ – only a fishbone
In the throat of the revolution –
a waste of brains – to be concerned about
this minor issue of my cunt’s good name.
– Joan Larkin


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6 responses to “If You Can’t Listen to the Word, You Can’t Legislate About It

  1. Makes me embarrassed to be from Michigan.

  2. This is exactly the sort of thing that causes people outside of the US to look upon American politics with a combination of amusement, horror, and disbelief.

  3. Makarios –
    Well, that and bombing wedding parties. And assassinating American citizens. And strangling democracies. And velveeta cheese.

  4. And, by way of illustration, here is a column on the MIchigan kerfuffle, by Rep. Lisa Brown–in The Guardian.

    Michael–with all due respect, Velveeta is not cheese–it is a “Pasteurized prepared cheese product.” Sounds appetizing, doesn’t it? Not that it has anything to do with politics, mind you.

  5. I worship at the Yoni of my choice…and I mean that most sincerely, it includes my own. Cunt is a harsh word, but powerful. IT relates back to an ancient Goddess by the same name…read the book ‘Cunt’ and it’s very empowering. Vagina to me is rather like the word ‘Homosexual’, a bit too dry and medical to do much for me. I do like the word Vulva…it has a soft ring to it….but they are all the same for the most lovely place I can be: in another woman’s Sacred Yoni…or having my own worshipped! And the pleasures that can come from it. I have a Yoni vest, Yoni candle holder, Yoni rattle, and Yoni necklace piece…and I collect any I can possibly get. After all Yoni/Cunt/Vagina/Vulva for me is the ‘Gateway to the Goddess!’
    Yes, I’m a true Dyke, and love that Sacred place, both on me as a female and on the other females I relate to….it is indeed a Sacred and POWERFUL Center of our Female body’s multi-orgasmic pleasures! Ah, but we live in a woman hating, Yoni/Vulva/Cunt/Vagina hating society that makes sex into something tawdry or dirty, instead of something sacred and powerful and wonderful and ecstatic to be honored and shared! Yet, for those of us who see…we can see way, way beyond that in our personal lives to just how powerful our Sacred Yonis are!

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