Can You Identify the Goddess? Trick Question.

Where is the Goddess?

It’s a trick question, a koan, a “settled case of the law.”

Astute observers of this video will see: (1) Freedom Triumphant in War and Peace (aka, Columbia) atop the U.S. Capitol, and, (2) the Roman Goddess Virtus on the seal of the Commonwealth of Virginia. But, of course, everyone in the video “art” Goddess, just as, “thou art Goddess,” (including the wonderful young man, whom, I sincerely hope (Hey! My religion enacts in real time the notions that Thou Art Goddess and that All Acts of Love & Pleasure), gets laid every single day of his life).

You know that internet meme? This one captures all of me:

Who my friends think I am: The girl with the white umbrella.

Who society thinks I am: The girl with the lace on her blue shirt.

Who my mother thinks that I am: The girl in the white shorts.

Who I think I am: The girl in the sneakers, dress, and headscarf who actually can dance.

Who I really am: I really art Goddess.

I grew up (Everybody! Hello, everybody! Get your sneer on! You, you, too! You! You, over in the corner with the chai latte! I don’t think you’re sneering enough!) a Second Wave feminist and if I didn’t do anything else other than to help to create a world where these amazing young women can sing and dance about their vaginas in such an open way, well, I’ll head gladly off to the Summerlands tomorrow morning. I still remember that personal-is-the-political-consciousness-raising session when we passed around a mirror and saw “them.” Yes, daughters, we’d had them all of our lives and never seen them. So, thanks for the dance. And, may the crazies keep their hands of of yours!

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