No Compromise. No Surrender.

7 responses to “No Compromise. No Surrender.

  1. I stand with you in this–and all things. “Fucking sick of this shit” doesn’t even begin to cover how furious I am to still be debating First Amendment freedoms with morons.

  2. Great posting. If only you weren’t just “preaching to the choir”. Blessed Be.

  3. Words escape me. How can anyone as moronic as this idiot even walk and talk without help.? I truly hope that women all across this country will show these extremist morons that we are NOT going to put them in power.

  4. Oh dear…you said it so well…tired beyond belief of this bullshit! I’ve been on this planet 66 years, and ya know…there are no words to describe how I feel about all of this crap, all of these battles women have won that are now back again…when the hell (which as a Pagan I don’t believe in, but since Christians do, I wish them there 🙂 is it going to end??

  5. ooops, the smiley took out the word… when…in front of, is it

  6. I have to wonder, is stupidity that great something he came by naturally or did he have to work really hard to be that stupid ?

  7. While I agree with your take on this moron and I so hope he gets his brass handed to him on a silver platter, the article from which this quote came was from The Daily Currant, which is a satirical online newspaper. He didn’t actually say these things. However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t actually believe this BS.

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