Monday Potpourri

* One of the things that I’ve noticed is that when you do magic at the home of an experienced Witch, especially if she has lived at her current address for a while, she’s quite likely to invoke her building — the physical structure of her home — often during Grounding, but sometimes when invoking Earth or one of the other Elements. It’s a bit of a step beyond just being in relationship with your landbase — more like being aware of the building’s presence on the astral plane, and its life and awareness here in the manifest world. Have you ever noticed this? Is your house a presence? Do you have a relationship to it?

* You probably don’t need me to say this, but, please, go vote on Tuesday, even if you do have to stand in line to do it. Our Beloved Dead went through a lot to make sure that we could vote. I’ve been very disappointed in President Obama and expect to be so again, should he win. But he’s demonstrably better for women, the planet, and America than Mitt Romney would be. If I lived in a safely blue state or in an irredeemably red state, I’d vote for the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, or I’d write in Elizabeth Warren. But I live in Virginia, a swing state, so I’m going to pull up the already-almost-stretched-out elastic on my big girl panties and vote for Obama. And there are down ticket races and ballot initiates that need my vote, as well. I shan’t be gone long, you come too. Please tell me in comments on Tuesday that you voted!

* I’m listening to this over and over since reading about it in comments at The Wild Hunt:

* You should read this and you should look at the pictures.

* Joanna Colbert’s put together an intriguing Tarot spread for this time of year. Shall we try it together? I’ll show you mine tomorrow.

Picture found here.

7 responses to “Monday Potpourri

  1. Oh Hecate, that tune and video are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing it, passing it on!
    Blessed Samhain to you,

  2. Brillant song — simply wonderful video! Been dancing! 🙂

  3. Cari & Jan, I agree. I’d never even heard of this group, but one of the commenters at the Wild Hunt linked to it. I’ve been playing it on and off all day.

  4. Do check out their other video for “Bottom of the River” — another excellent song and video !

  5. I did the Elder of Fire reading for myself on Samhain eve. In the “Offering” position, I chose Death. I’m still pondering that.

  6. I believe soul-and-spirit deep in the magical connective quality of the dwelling, hearth, home and garden – so I offer these books as suggested reading sources:

    “Magic House” by Teresa Moorey
    “Spirit of the Home” by Jane Alexander
    “Home & Heart” by Beverly Pagram
    “Magical Housekeeping” by Tess Whitehurst
    “Spiritual Housecleaning” by Kathyrn L. Robyn

    I do have other books as well … but these are some of my favs …..

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