We Are the Daughters and Sons of Iron Jawed Angels

I voted this morning at my local community center. Please tell me in comments once you vote.

PS: I’ll post the results of my Gaian Tarot reading tomorrow. You now have an extra day to do your own and discuss it in comments.

45 responses to “We Are the Daughters and Sons of Iron Jawed Angels

  1. i voted early – helping others today

  2. I just voted. There was a line, but it moved quickly. Fortunately NY doesn’t have idiotic voter ID laws.

  3. I voted. The line was moving I waited 15 minutes. Not bad at all though it is raining hard here in Atlanta.

  4. I voted this morning around 7:30 in NJ at our small township’s community center.

  5. I voted early, Fri Oct 26. No line, I was 3400th at the local early voting site in Black Mountain, NC

  6. I voted on Thursday. I went out of town over the weekend for a Samhain observance so time would have been at a premium today. I am terrified to my bones that this election will get stolen! I am old enough to have lived in the American that was strong, where women and workers had more rights here than almost anywhere else in the world…and we had a middle class.

  7. I voted last week. We are vote-by-mail here in Oregon.

  8. I voted about a month ago via absentee ballot!

  9. Voted early in Maryland last Thursday – had to try twice to be able to park! Very busy, but efficient and quickly moving lines. No voter ID hassle. Many pleas to the goddess today for our country.

  10. I voted early in Hamburg, MI. everyone was in a good mood!

  11. Voted here in the Northern burbs of Atlanta. Was at the polling place before it opened but it still took about an hour and 15 minutes. Checking the voter id was the big holdup as there were free machines but a huge line to be verified.

  12. Voted! Only took about 10 minutes, but I live in Massachusetts where these things are done in a civilized manner.Still even if I was somewhere with hours long lives, I’d make it to the polls. Too many people died so that I can vote for me to even think of dishonoring their legacy so.

  13. I voted! It took almost two hours, but I did and not just so my marriage will be recognized by my home state.

  14. I voted. The line was short. Oklahoma”s voter ID law is in effect but it allows for showing just your voter ID card which you get when you register to vote.

  15. Voted in Rockville this morning. I would have early voted, but the lines were veeeery long. This morning it took about 15 min. I guess I’m old school, but I like voting on Election Day. I think we should keep, and expand, early voting, AND make Election Day a national holiday!

  16. I just voted in California, Goddess, I hope they don’t try to steal the election.Vicki Noble pointed out that mercury goes retrograde tomorrow morning. The last time that happened at election time, the supreme court decided the matter. I think I’m going to light a candle.

  17. Voted by mail a couple of weeks ago. Will be keeping the prayer candles going all day today and tonight, until it’s over. Blessed be!

  18. By mail two weeks ago! Loved Iron Jawed Angels even as it broke my heart.

  19. I just voted. It took about an hour and a half.

  20. I voted. I stood outside in the rain for an hour and a half, but I wasn’t going to *not* vote!

  21. I voted by mail in ballot, last Monday morning.

  22. MaryEllen Wilson

    I voted this morning; definitely in the race minority at my polling place but not the political minority! I find it very interesting that here in Kansas City, MO (where I moved in June ’12) that most polling places are located in churches of various denominations — what about separation of church & state? When I lived in Orange County, CA most polling places were people’s garages; schools, libraries …

  23. Voted in southern Fairfax. The line was long, but it moved well. About 90 minutes in and out.

  24. Robert Mathiesen

    We voted today here in Providence, RI. The line was longish, maybe an hour to wait.

  25. I voted this morning at the Town Hall in North Stonington, CT.

  26. Sherman Oaks, So CA. About 20 minutes for the whole shebang.

  27. Duffi McDermott

    Voted in downcounty Montgomery, MD. Took almost an hour; two lines, one for check-in, one for actual voting. The lines moved fairly quickly.

  28. Voted in PA. Love the post title. What does it mean?

  29. Voted in AK 🙂 Waited in line for them to open up this morning. Seventh person through the door!

  30. I was able to vote last week by placing my sealed ballot in a curb-side ballot drop-off box after having my ballot delivered to me in the mail a week or so prior. This is because I live in a state (Oregon) that is enlightened enough to allow the electorate time and space enough to vote intelligently as well as comfortably and with very little hassle. I could have mailed it in but, since the drop-off is not so far from where I live, I strolled on over and did my civic duty.
    I wish it were so for all those who live in places where the voting time-window is tight, the voting lines are hours long, and the weather may not be conducive to standing in such lines.

  31. I have the most amazing readers in all of left blogistan. Thanks to each and every one of you for honoring our Beloved Dead by voting; they worked so hard and endured so much for us to be able to do so. There’s still time! Even on the East Coast, polls don’t close for another hour. If you’re in line at closing time, they must let you vote. And every state and local jurisdiction has down-ticket races that matter, often, even more than who is president. If the line’s long, use the time to look up the ballot initiatives, etc. Please vote.

  32. Voted around 1:00. Lots of people and all went well.

  33. Voted this morning in PA.

  34. Voted in CA!

  35. Canadian here, so no dog in this hunt, but sending you all of the moral support that I can.

  36. I voted about 1100 here in Peyton, CO. I love going to vote. For years I voted at my old grade school, now I vote at my son’s old grade school. About a 5 minute wait, but there was a longer line when I left. 257the voter on one of two machines. Peyton is a very small town, in a rural area. I like to think my vote balances out my conservative neighbors.

  37. Both my husband and I voted and we took our 2 boys. Our oldest is six and he’s very interested in voting. I live in extreme NE Colorado.

  38. Massachusetts Senate Race just called for Elizabeth Warren. I thought ms hecate (and others) would want to know 🙂
    As for me, I voted two weeks ago by mail in Sonoma County CA for Jill Stein. As the webmaster here often says, paganism is a nature religion, and I voted for nature.

  39. On a down note, my nj daughter didn’t get to vote as it took her over 3 hours on a bus to get from Manhattan workplace to her home and by then it was too late.

  40. Just watched Warren’s acceptance speech — excellent!

    Warren for President in 2016! 🙂 If anyone knows her — please tell her to learn to speak Spanish so that she can speak directly (and she does speak directly in so many other ways!) to our Latino/Latina voters in 2016…. ! 🙂

  41. We vote by mail in Oregon which I did last week. Absolutely, Jan! President Warren!

  42. I voted in Sherman Oaks, CA yesterday afternoon about 1:45 or so. Brilliant.

    WAving hello to neighbor Janet Miller!

  43. I know it is now days later – but I wanted to say I voted. Last minute events changed my daily plan so I wasn’t able to do it until the last hour – but our polls stay open until 8pm here. I did not have to wait at all, but I did continue to debate with myself over one of our propositions in the parking lot until the very last minute.

    Also – due to my position at work, I was able to help someone who just moved here to California vote by mail in his home state Virginia, by confirming his recent presence here. His first challenge was applying for his ballot at the absolute last minute. It arrived the day it needed to be mailed back and it had to be tracked down in the sorting room because it would not otherwise have been delivered in time. Then he only got it sent back off by the skin of his teeth. Having missed the cut off time for the local post office, and then at the local Fed Ex office, he drove his ballot to the airport in a city about an hour away and sent it off with the last Fed Ex flight!

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