The Essence of Magic is Paying Attention



This morning was misty in a way that only Autumn can be. The edges between things blur and it’s more difficult for the enchantment of forgetfulness to work — the spell that causes us to forget that everything is one. Shapes shift and blur and you can see the fairies and land wights out of the corner of your eye.

My neighbor’s yard was full of hundreds of blackbirds, stopping, I imagine, on their way South for the Winter. Along with the glossy green holly that borders his yard and the brilliant red and yellow leaves that have fallen from his trees, they were glorious, especially as the mist shifted and swirled around them.

C.L. at Whole Life Gardening has been watching her own birds.

What’s happening just now in your landbase?

Picture found here.

3 responses to “The Essence of Magic is Paying Attention

  1. What was happening just *then* (three minutes ago, then again 30 seconds ago) was a chorus of coyotes howling, the first I’ve heard for months. Shotgun deer-hunting season started hereabouts a few days ago; maybe there’s a connection?

    And since the coyotes are around (now: they, or dogs they’ve roused, are barking), here’s a poem that came to me a couple of months ago.


    Shine your light on me in the blue dark,
    O midnight specialist; O most chaotic
    coyote chorister, sing me in blue sleep
    through suites of dreams moist as the new moon’s lip

    kissing blue heaven where the sun has set
    hard as a stone, where its blue bruise is left.
    —I remember the dead in my dreams: then morning
    comes (gray turning blue) and I forget how to sing.

  2. Buffalo is doing the strange in-between where it snows one day and hits 60 within 2 more. But the shift towards winter is getting stronger-there’s fewer and fewer 60 degree days and more 30 degrees. You can feel it in the light too, it’s definitely shifting into the darkness now.

  3. Today the geese were flying north in near perfect formation. They’ve been doing it for a few weeks. Looks like there’s some vying for tip spot. The snakes have been coming out to warm themselves on dangerous pavement. A skunk, four cats and a opossum have all searched my back porch for food. Only the opossum hid his fright at my appearance. He clutched his neck as if he were wearing pearls and lowered his nose and turned to go. As if he’d formally apologized and excused himself.

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