Dark Organization

Getting Organized

Getting Organized

Some good advice for the dark time of the year.

You’re inside anyway and 90% of this is stuff that you can do to music, a movie, an audio book.

Picture found here.

3 responses to “Dark Organization

  1. No offense Hecate, I love ya and I think you know that, but sometimes you can just be *such* an INTJ.

    I’m still working on getting the junk cars and scrap iron out of this yard. We just passed 20 *tons* of scrap iron taken out of here.

    I find it profoundly insulting for that article to compare a pile of papers on a desk to hoarding.

  2. Thalia,

    Having followed your blog, I completely hear you. What you’ve had to deal with has been extraordinary.

    This article struck me because a friend at work has been dealing with the sudden, unexpected death of one of her good friends, who left his affairs and apartment in a mess. It’s made life so much more difficult for the people who’ve had to step in to clean up the mess.

    But it’s nothing like what you were left to deal with.

    I love you too (and I think you know that!) and I am, guilty as charged, an INTJ and a neat-nick.

  3. ‘Inheritance’ may be a bit of a triggery word for me. And despite being the child of a hoarder, I’m not a neat sort, but (I think) a normal cluttery sort with Victorian tastes. (So many children of hoarders freak out and go the opposite direction to the Japanese pure neat aesthetic.)

    As for my own affairs, what few assets I have are held jointly between myself and my sibling; on my death they’d just go to her (I assume). Though frankly, if I leave my dysfunctional and abusive family a mess I can’t say I care. Let them clean up after *me* for once. I’ve already ensured that if I’m incapacitated they do *not* get to make medical or financial decisions for me. (I don’t think the lawyer quite understood why I insisted, but he drew up the papers anyway.)

    And ISFP here. Most (internet) sources say I should either be living under a rock, or that I don’t exist at all.

    Sorry. It’s the holidays, and they really suck.

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