Landbase in Winter

Gardeners more than others, I think, learn to appreciate the out-of-doors even in late Autumn/early Winter when most people retreat indoors to hibernate until Spring. Although in some parts of the world the weather is too harsh for much outdoors time, here, in the Magical MidAtlantic, there is secret beauty for those who care to look.

Late Autumn

Late Autumn

Who would you be if you spent time every day with those dry stalks and that talking tree?

Hat tip: Hanging Garden

5 responses to “Landbase in Winter

  1. Oddly enough, I would be painting. The beauty of the other seasons never inspire me like this season does. The starkness of the trees and plants touch a place so deep inside that I long to be talented enough to relay its beauty and message to others. Photos are wonderful things, but to hold the texture of the emotions, for me, requires paint and brushes and hours in the natural world. My apologies for being so inadequate in expressing this.

  2. Rowan,

    I completely hear you. I wish that I could take pictures that would show how lovely the withered weeds along the Potomac are to me.

  3. Bare trees and the fields of Illinois seem to speak of a gentle, comforting quiet filled only with the quiet brushing of prairie grass. Not too long ago, I used to feel like the brown-gray season dragged on and dragged me down and I could not wait for Spring. Now I feel like this season is a needed exhale, and bare branches against a grey sky are incredibly breath taking. This is the season that lets me know my soul belongs to this particular bit of earth.

    (Also, hello! I’m a recent lurker of your blog, found via The Wild Hunt. Your writing is lovely!)

  4. I’d be the one having a conversation with that tree!

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