Dancing in the Dark with the Woodwose


The deeper that we go into the dark, the less that I have to say — not an easy admission for a woman whose Ascendent is in Gemini and who makes her living writing prose for pay. But I’m busy, based upon one of the most important Tarot readings of my life, dancing in my dreams with the Woodwose. I know that I’m hitting close to home because, last night, I had another dream about swimming in murky waters which is how my Shadows, bless their hearts, say: “Step back, bitch. You’re getting too close for our comfort.” Dear Shadows, not on your best day. We’re both going to be glad (wounded, we’re both going to be wounded, but glad, we’re both, also, going to be very, very glad) that I persisted in this effort. Come on, baby, the laugh’s on me. Can’t start a fire, worrying about your little world falling apart.

So I feel as if, like Mary Oliver in Little Summer Poem, who fails every Summer as a witness, I’m failing my readers.

But my brilliant friend, Amy, has recorded a new song: We Are the Web. It’s wonderful and you should listen to it. My post for tonight should just say: What Amy Said.

In just a few days, the growing dark is going to yield to the returning light and I’ll come, slowly, out of my warm and scary cocoon of shadows and dreams. How are you spending these perfect, dark hours?

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4 responses to “Dancing in the Dark with the Woodwose

  1. “So I feel as if. . .I’m failing my readers.”

    No, you are not. I could say more, but I won’t.

    All right, a few words more–from a Navajo prayer:

    In beauty may you walk.
    All day long may you walk.
    Through the returning seasons may you walk.
    Beautifully will you possess again.
    Beautifully birds.
    Beautifully joyful birds.
    On the trail marked with pollen may you walk.
    With grasshoppers about your feet may you walk.
    With dew about your feet may you walk.
    With beauty may you walk.
    With beauty before you, may you walk.
    With beauty behind you, may you walk.
    With beauty above you, may you walk.
    With beauty below you, may you walk.
    With beauty all around you, may you walk.


  2. Peter of Lone Tree

    “Some people believe they are the aboriginals of the forest, possibly the last surviving community of Neanderthals.”
    Pre-Adamic Man or Post-Adamic Man?

  3. Odd, I dream of snow as my “Step back!” dream…whether about mundane things, or magical and inner workings.

  4. makarios, Thank you; that one’s getting printed out and put in my journal!

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