Dreaming the Dark

Dream Swim

Dream Swim

So if I’m going to be “that” old woman — the crazy one who blogs about her dreams, I might as well go all out. Last night was the New Moon and I stayed up late watching shooting stars. When I went to bed, I dreamed that, as was normal, I drove to the edge of a body of water and then got in to swim to work. This water wasn’t murky; it was blue with little white caps on the waves. I swam and came up level with the seated Statue of Liberty. Her feet were just above the water and I thought to myself that there must still be flooding from Sandy. I swam on a bit and looked down at my hand and saw that I was holding onto my glass heart, even though I was swimming. I thought how glad I was that I hadn’t lost my heart or broken my heart. As I neared the shore where I work, I became uneasy, realizing that I’d left my key back on the other shore. I really didn’t want to stop and go back, but I finally had to face that fact that I wouldn’t be able to get into work without the key. And, so, I finally turned around, finding a submerged wall to use to push myself off from, as when I swim laps in a swimming pool. I began to swim back and noticed that there were some submerged submarines in the water, but they didn’t have anything to do with me, so I swam past them, waking up before I’d gotten very far.

Sometimes, I have to laugh at my subconscious. It tries so hard. Glass heart. Heart in hand. Glad I didn’t lose my heart or break my heart. At the feet of Lady Liberty. Can’t do the work without the key. Submerged things that can either help me or that won’t harm me.

I love this dark time of the year for many reasons, one of which is the rather productive dreams I often have.

May it be so for you.

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6 responses to “Dreaming the Dark

  1. Lucky you must be that you remember them .

  2. first dream last night was sitting at a table at the end of the world — eating mashed potatoes — and feeling lonely — and suddenly I could actually feel my grandma’s lap beneath me — and I wasn’t afraid because I wasn’t alone. second dream was about having to run through a rainstorm while wearing black patent shoes …. and today we finally had rain ….

  3. Yeah, I’m also that crazy dream-blogging woman. Long may we dream.And write about it.
    Dreams with water always calm me, as if I’d been in the centre of being.

    Terri in Joburg

  4. dreamed about driving through a very familiar neighbourhood with my DH — looking at Christmas light displays — I could see every detail of the streets and houses and lights — and when I woke — I realized that I had dreamed about those streets and houses in years gone by …. odd …. when dreams seem more real — than reality ….

  5. zm, I’ve found that meditation makes me much more likely to remember my dreams, as does keeping a dream journal. Aqulia ka Hecate and Jan, I love hearing about other people’s dreams!

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