Art and the Art of Magic

As noted, I spent yesterday at the Chihuly exhibit in Richmond. It was wonderful and we had a great time.

I firmly believe that beauty is its own reward and that time spent seeing art needs no “practical” justification. But I do know that my daily practice and my magic both get a big boost from exposure to creativity. One of the first magical skills many Witches learn is visualization. Raise your hand if you were early on exposed to the exercise where you look at, smell, peel, and taste an orange and then close your eyes and repeat the experience in your mind. Me, too. And, I continue, from time to time, to practice those exercises, both because it’s good to return, occasionally, to the basics and because I’m just not good at visualization.

I’m fairly weak at a whole host of what are sometimes, and perhaps less-than-accurately, called “right-brain” skills. Knowing where my body is in space: Nope. Rhythm: Nope. Drawing: Nope. Visualizing: Well, I’ve worked at it and gotten somewhat better with practice, but it’s still not a strength, by any means. Seeing art helps me to fill in the gaps. I spent as much time as I could yesterday gazing at the fantastic sculptures and then closing my eyes and “seeing” them again, so that I’ll be able to use those images in my daily meditations and in my magic work.

What’s your magical weakness? What helps you to become more proficient? How might you use these images?

Boat on River Styx with Globes

Boat on River Styx with Forms

Boat on River Styx with Forms



Sea Forms

Sea Forms





Photos by the blogger; if you copy, please link back. The captions are mine; Mr. Chihuly has different titles for these works.

6 responses to “Art and the Art of Magic

  1. “What’s your magical weakness?”
    Procrastination/lack of sustained practice.
    “What helps you become more proficient?”
    More practice and better focus.
    “How might you use these images?”
    As inspiration….

    Good pics, by the way. Thanks.

  2. Martin, Let me know how they work for you.

  3. I would say that Art IS Magic(k), perhaps some forms more so than others. That being said, I would say my personal weakness is daily exercise. I work mostly with chaos magick and namely my own form of Austin Spares technique of sigilization. I recently started making art work from rearranging sigils digitally and making abstract art from them… As for being more diligent in daily exercise, I suppose I am specifically speaking about performing the LBRP or some form of ritualized/formal banishing. I find that when done daily, such rituals provide a sense of well being and also build “magical muscles”. However as for working some form of Art/Magick daily I am succeeding in that respect as I try to incorporate magick into work, physical excercise and lucid dreaming.

  4. dubiousmonk,

    You’re right — art is magic. Agree, as well, about regular practice and how it builds “magical muscles,” a phrase that I intend to steal!

  5. “What’s your magical weakness?”
    Remembering to incorporate magic into daily life and to make use of the skills I have in everyday experiences.
    “What helps you become more proficient.”
    Seeing and reading about others who are able to incorporate it into their daily lives. Like this blog! Thanks for your work as it greatly benefits mine. Blessings, J.

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