Why Not Ask the Land?


I attended an interesting presentation today that wound up being, in part, about how one establishes conditions that allow The Sacred to become more perceptible, especially in places where it might seem unlikely — the example given was of a dangerous neighborhood in urban Detroit. There was an informed discussion about how one begins such a process: should you do a cleansing, should you ground, what do you do first?

The answers were all worthwhile, but no one said what I think has to be the first step: ask the landbase. It has an opinion, it desires relationship, and it’s willing to help — if only it’s asked.

Too often we assume, even when we want to be magically involved with a place, that we’re acting upon a passive object rather than approaching a living landbase.

Picture found here

4 responses to “Why Not Ask the Land?

  1. Thank you for saying this.

  2. A wonderful pinboard of tiny magical homes …. that might work in so many landbases …..

  3. I think so many urban landscapes are so trodden upon that they might just ask to be dug up, so they can breathe.

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