Thursday PotPourri

Virginia Bluebells

Virginia Bluebells

* Finally, finally, finally, Spring has arrived in Columbia’s District. The last few evenings, we’ve had rain showers and they’ve turned everything that spectacular shade of green that I can only describe as “Ireland.”

I wake up in the morning, buried under sheets, and blankets, and comforters, and bedspreads, with a breeze blowing in from the open windows and the sound of gentle rain outside. Getting out of bed to go to work is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done.

Work has been stupid busy, which is, I remind myself, a good thing, at least compared to the alternative. I’m living from schedule delays in one case to schedules advancing in other cases and loving, as always, the chance to write about the law.

* G/Son, too, is glad that it’s Spring:

G/Son, Glad that It's Spring

G/Son, Glad that It’s Spring

I had dinner with G/Son and Son the other night while DiL was out of state training young lawyers. I was telling a story about students in Son’s high school class turning in papers and Son mentioned how, nowadays, that’s all done by email. I joked that soon students will just look into their teachers’ eyes and send the papers to the teachers’ brains. G/Son said, “Nonna! You mean that they’ll send them teleportathically!”

He’s a Pisces; what can I say?

* This is spectacular and if I ever get to Liberty of London, I’m buying yards and yards and yards of that stuff. Also, if you are looking for wedding gifts, wedding favors, graduation gifts, shower favors, etc., etc., etc. look no further.

* April is National Poetry Month. Here, thanks to Landscape Guy, is a lovely essay about why Southern poets, in particular, should write about their landbase.

Most poetry readers don’t like being preached to. Telling them that the night in South Carolina is sacred can be amateurish; making them feel that the night in South Carolina is sacred is powerful. Your setting can help you convey that in a subtle, masterful way.

I’ve been in South Carolina. The night there, just as the night in Virginia, is, indeed, sacred.

* Gemmy, meanwhile, is considering how to spend her tax refund. What will you do with yours?

Picture found here.

G/Son photo by the blogger; if you copy, please link back.

2 responses to “Thursday PotPourri

  1. Unfortunately (or not) wesuch maken’t enough to be caused to file, so no refunds for us….

    But Life is rich, nonetheless.

  2. My refund? Funding mine and the spouse’s IRAs for the year, then some left over for this year’s (inevitable) building fund.

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