Getting Older & Sillier

Early in the morning, when I’d like to be enjoying a final dab of sleep, the birds outside my window go mad, putting on a symphony at once melodious and chaotic, brand new and ancient. I think maybe birds invented jazz; they do seem to love to riff off of one another.

The other weekend, G/Son was coloring and he said to me that birds are kind of like reptiles, but also kind of like mammals, but not really like either one. I was telling him about the theory some scientists have that birds evolved from dinosaurs.

And this morning, while I was no longer asleep (thanks, birds!) but also not yet ready to get out of bed, I was thinking about our notion that dinosaurs walked around roaring all the time. But what if they sang? What if singing is one of the traits that birds have carried forward from at least some of their dinosaur ancestors? And how would it sound to hear a herd of brontosaurus sing? Or the lone chirp-chirp-chirp of a triceratops? (Of course, brighter minds than mine have already gone here.)

And then I had to get up and go to work and produce legal prose for pay.

But I do still wonder . . . .

3 responses to “Getting Older & Sillier

  1. Imagine what a full dino-orchestra would sound like!

  2. This post makes me smile!

  3. Reading this post reminded me of the creation myth in The Silmarillion, where the world is sung into being.

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