I Want to Buy School Supplies on Diagon Alley, but the Local Drug Store Will Do


With Lughnasadah only hours away, I can feel the shift, sense the Wheel turning. If you stop, ground, breathe, and listen, so can you.

I was one of those kids who loved school and I grew up to spend seventeen years as a teacher. I never turn the calendar page to August without having that “It’s Time to Get Ready for a New School Year” feeling, even though I’ve been a lawyer now for nigh on two decades. Stores will start selling clean new notebooks and unsharpened pencils and I’ll have an itch to buy enough looseleaf dividers to get myself REALLY organized, this time. (One thing that makes me sad about G/Son’s school is that they have this actually ingenious system where there’s a box on each student’s desk on the 1st day with exactly the supplies the teacher wants hir class to have. It’s smart and less expensive (since they buy the supplies in bulk) but not at all fun for me, because I would love to take G/Son school shopping. You know that scene in Harry Potter where he goes shopping for a wand? Like that.)

The wonderful thing about the internet, though, is that you can sign up for a course this Fall and continue to learn.

Max Dashu, for example, is offering Secret History of the Witches III: Women, Goddesses, Patriarchy, and Christianity. The online course will:

start with a visual webcast on the syncretic Great Goddess culture around the Mediterranean* (Isis of 10,000 Names, Black Diana, Kybele, Tyche, among others). We touch on Judaic Wisdom traditions and concepts of witchcraft — then plunge into the evolution of a new religion (some dub it Paulianity) that hybridized the teachings of a Jewish sage with Hellenistic mystery religions and, eventually, imperial Roman authoritarianism. What were the consequences for women and for their ethnic cultural heritages, as well as for the international Magna Mater traditions?

Cherry Hill Seminary will often let you take just a course or two. Fall 2013 offerings include:

Insights (four-week courses)
Transpersonal Genealogy I, Fall 1
Why Magickal Thinking Isn’t Crazy, Fall 1
Transpersonal Genealogy II, Fall 2
The Space Between the Columns: Classical Greek Religion for Today, Fall 2
Sacred Time and a Calendar of Days, Fall 2
Transpersonal Genealogy III, Fall 3
Magical Language, Fall 3
*Fall Insights 1: Sep 9 – Oct 6; Fall Insights 2: Oct 7 – Nov 3; Fall Insights 3: Nov 4 – Dec 1
Certificate-Level Courses (14-week semester)
Leadership II – Conscious Leadership for Turbulent Times
Introduction to Advocacy
Master’s-Level Courses (14-week semester)
Boundaries and Ethics
Research and Writing for Pagan Scholarship
Cross-Cultural Rites
Practical Chaplaincy: Three Concentric Circles of Ministry
Counseling Skills and Therapeutic Interventions
Introduction to Advocacy
Leadership II – Conscious Leadership for Turbulent Times

Starhawk is offering Earth Activist Training, but does require physical attendance:

Sept 7-21: EAT course at Prospect Rock permaculture farm in Johnson, Vermont.
Sept 25-Oct 9: Permaculture Design Course at Marda Permaculture Farm in the West Bank, Palestine.
Jan 5-19, 2014: EAT course at Black Mountain Preserve, Cazadero, California.

Joanna Powell Colbert’s Gaian Soul’s Seasonal Practices ecourse is open all year long. The current lesson:

helps you make room in your daily life for mindful creative expression. You’ll align yourself with the rhythms of nature as you watch the Perseid meteor showers, make blackberry cordial, and weave wheat dollies — while contemplating the bittersweet mysteries of sacrifice and harvest.

Please leave information in comments on other courses that you may know or be offering.

And while we’re on the topic of education, this gives me hope:


There should be a version for adults. (Hat tip: Jan)

Picture found here.

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