Winter’s Coming

It may be the family motto of a particularly ill-fated clan in a popular miniseries, but it’s also true. Here’s a poem to remind us of one of Lughnasadah’s deep meanings:

Praise life-Praise life-
Before the fall
Of winter’s knife,
They stand and call,
O man, praise life.

The bee who goes
To the aster knows
December’s fear;

The butterfly
On a daisy’s eye,
That death is near;

Flies in the sun,
That summer’s done;

Ripe berries wait
Their certain Fate.

In red and gold
The lesson’s told;

In ecstasy
The end foresee.

A final cry
From earth to sky,
Tree, fruit, and flower,
Before the hour
Of sacrifice:

Praise life, O man,
While yet you can.

-Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Picture found here.

2 responses to “Winter’s Coming

  1. I absolutely love this poem. So very true. Those of us who revere Nature can see it very clearly. Blessed Lughnasadah!

  2. Thank you for this. It reminds me it would do me well to again take up the habit of writing poetry for the sabbats.

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