The Incredibly Subversive Notion that the World Can Be Reborn

Thou Art Goddess

I really enjoyed Margot Adler’s recent autobiography, which is much more about growing up Communist than it is about growing up Pagan. Adler does discuss Pagans when she says:

Their work may seem silly to outsiders, but they have taken on a huge task — to create anew what was lost, a vibrant culture, filled with songs, ceremonies, dances, lullabies, myths. To create such a culture — one that is rich yet at home with notions of individual freedom and modern life — what a Herculean task!

But a possible one. And as the last flames flicker out and the last tone dissipates, each person returns to their ordinary life with some small remnant of the incredibly subversive notion that the world can be transformed and reborn, that “we are as gods and might as well get good at it.”

Heretic’s Heart: A Journey Through Spirit and Revolution by Margot Adler, quoting Whole Earth Catalog (Menlo Park, Calif.: Portola Institute, 1969) 367

I think we’re still trying to work at that notion from 1969.

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2 responses to “The Incredibly Subversive Notion that the World Can Be Reborn

  1. Oddly, I was reminded of that notion as I attempted to escape the month of August through fiction….someone gave me a copy of “The Lost Symbol”, where the book goes on and on and on AFTER the bad guy gets his just desserts; to make the Masonic point that yes, we are gods and need to simply realize and ACT like it.

    I think Dan Brown’s research ate him that time. It isn’t precisely that simple…to think it is devolves it into New Age Prosperity/Manifest Plenty sorts of crazy. It isn’t just suddenly deciding to be “god-like”…it is a combination of recognition and responsibility. And before we can decide what it is to “be goddess”? I think we need a firm decision on what it means to be human…and humane. We aren’t doing so well there, just now.

  2. I like that last phrase ‘… we might as well get good at it.’

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