Could We Hear More About EDPs?


Just a short thought for tonight: I’ve been watching and thinking about the rise and fall of yet another BNP (big name Pagan), at least within the fever swamp of Paganistan’s blogosphere. Here’s my take-away.

I think that what we need are a whole lot fewer BNPs and more EDPs (Every-Day Pagans). It’s not too helpful to me to learn about people who have made selling Paganism their life. I’m glad there are some folks who do that, but I’m never going to do that and neither are the majority of us. And making those BNPs almost our entire focus does all of us a disservice. I get why it happens; it’s easier to write about a few BNPs than to dig up information and and write about a lot of EDPs. I’m guilty of that, too.

But, what’s really helpful to me — as a pretty average woman leading a pretty average life — is to learn about people who manage to simply Live While Pagan. You know, the woman who is a nurse at a big-city hospital, a wife, a mother, a PTA member, and a Witch; she even pins things to Pinterest. The teen who goes to high school, plays in the band, jogs with friends in the morning, takes Spanish, and plants trees with hir family’s Druid grove. The guy who works in IT all day and then feeds the homeless as part of his Asatru group’s focus on their local community. On Saturdays, he coaches a lacrosse team. The carpenter who finds her strength in Celtic Reconstructionism, the technical writer who prays each morning to Toth, the judge who never enters hir courtroom without silently invoking Ma’at.

I want to hear how those people live, and work, and worship.

Maybe we could quit constantly turning folks who obviously aren’t ready into BNPs and start to tell the stories of EDPs. I’d like that.

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7 responses to “Could We Hear More About EDPs?

  1. Spirituality is such a personal and often fluid path, and there are pitfalls to making one’s spiritual identity your “brand.” It no longer seems that one starts a blog, or writes a book, or priestesses a large ritual without having some sort of social media “presence” based on your personality that than your work. Then when your path changes, your “fans” perceive it as a betrayal of your brand identity rather than a shift in your spiritual understanding.
    Our community has many talented writers, artists, musicians – but we also need talented accountants, nurses, scientists, and so on. We’re mirroring the celebrity-obsessed over-culture from which many of us are shying away.

  2. I find it very sad that pagans apparently like freezing BNPs into statuary. Life is change and spirituality is part of life, so must it not change with life? Watching this sad process more than once makes me very glad I am not (and never will be) a BNP!

  3. It’s been suggested to me that I could achieve more success by myself into a “brand.” People don’t know who I am, I’m told, and that will fix it. I thought about it a while and decided, yes that would probably help–it’s what is done in advertising and PR in the “establishment” (to use a 60s term) world. But I decided, no, that isn’t me, and it isn’t who I want to be, a brand, a product. I’m a person, like many others, who was brought to the Goddess and just happens to write. Branding, it seems to me, stems from hierarchical thinking, elevating and glorifying oneself.

  4. 1st line, “by myself” should be “by turning myself”

  5. My favorite EDP is my friend who works as a business school counselor at a University. She deals with all the foreign students who come to school there, and they are always amazed to find out she isn’t Christian. Her ability to understand their differing beliefs in middle America makes their transition to college here that much easier. Those are my favorite stories. :~)

  6. Just a thought — as an EDP — please consider purchasing something from one of the many Pagan shops on Etsy on the so-called Black Friday (or at any time during the Holidays). I know that many people have foresworn from buying from larger stores — but these folks are part of Our Wonderful Widespread and Wide-ranging Community — and rely on the those funds for their EDP lives. Now this EDP needs to go and put on a pot of coffee — and check on cold plants and birds and plug in the water fountain for the birds. Cheers!

    BTW — As always — I am truly thankful for you and your blog. Cheers!

  7. Ask and ye shall get a whole lot of emails. I have been a Witch since age 14, just turned 59. Members of my maternal line were crafters. Others (my Mom) were not.
    I am disabled now, a wife of 33 years to a wonderful man. We are both in Recovery, something our sons’ problems made us face. Mother of 2 20 somethings, 1pagan, the other thinking about it (though they were both In Coven with me as children). I am also a daughter of a woman with Alzheimer’s. I syncretize a daily practices evolve. And I am a solitary.
    I am also a feminist (even got a degree in Women’s Studies in 1977) and an Ecoscaper. I write a Native Gardening blog for a local site under my cowan name ! 😉
    If you have a format and think I am interesting enough, feel free to contact me.
    you already *know me* on Twitter

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