Calling the Elements with a Seven-Year Old


G/Son: Nonna! Wait! It’s not Fire in the South and Water in the West. It’s Water in the South and Fire in the West.

Nonna: No, I’ve been doing this since before you were born and it’s Fire in the South and Water in the West.

G/Son: No, Nonna, because, just think! Texas and Mexico are west of us and they’re very hot. So it should be Water in the South and Fire in the West.

Nonna: OK, we can do it that way.

I wouldn’t mind so much if I didn’t have to hear EVERY SINGLE ONE of my ancestors laughing so hard they have to hold their stomachs.

Picture found here.

8 responses to “Calling the Elements with a Seven-Year Old

  1. Well — Texas is in the deep freeze for next few days …. but …. yes indeed …. Texas can be hot as firedrakes farts …

    Oh, I Just LOVE that story!!!! 🙂

  2. And every one of your ancestors for many generations back, esteemed Hecate, has contributed some of his or her flesh and blood (DNA, I mean) to your grandson. No doubt that they were all laughing every bit as hard as you say. No doubt, too, that they put your grandson up to it! Out of the mouths of babes . . .

  3. Actually, he’s right on it, if you go with realities. Wet = South, Fire = West. Yep.
    That he was calling the Elements with you is just plain awesome!

  4. Well, the reason Water is in the West is because the system was developed in the British Isles and Europe, where there’s a whole freakin’ ocean to the west. When I lived on the East Coast of Florida, with the ocean fifteen minutes from my door, I always called Water in the East. Because it was. Right there. It’s good to remember the reasons why the system we have was developed the way it was.

    Now, of course, I live in Seattle, so Water is in the West again.

  5. I’ve always called in the elements in by my geographical location in the world, but even still having been here on the west coast of Canada for nearly ten years, I still catch myself calling in Water in the East, because I was so used to the Pacific Ocean being that-a-way on the east coast of Australia.

    WGT G/son!

  6. Love, Love & More Love!

  7. Wow. He’s seven already and calling the elements with you? Time flows so quickly sometimes. But very cool.

  8. Likewise, in Western Washington for me, water to the west and the hot stuff is all south of me, lol. But those grandkids…they call it!

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