Some People Play Fantasy Football; I Play Fantasy Gardening


I had dinner with Landscape Guy last night and we were commiserating with each other over the plants we’ll likely lose due to this deep freeze. Nothing to do at this point but sit inside our snug cottages and hope.

Well, of course, that’s not entirely true. Most gardeners spend the Winter months plotting and planning the coming year’s garden. And, right on time, the garden catalogs start showing up in our mailboxes. This week, I got my Dutch Gardens catalog and found myself enjoying the fanciful plant names. It would be fun to have a garden full of plants with Pagan names.

Various Goddesses and Gods could be represented by Lady Liberty Dahlia and Lady Liberty Peony, Green Goddess Calla, Jupiter’s Beard, Coyote Mint, and Mars Magic Alcea.

Purple Dragon Lamium, Firespinner Ice Plant, Bonfire Euphorbia, and Dragon’s Blood Sedum for our love of the Elements.

Maybe Pagan Purples Delphinium next to the Purple Dragon Lamium? Blue Moon Wisteria growing on a trellis with New Moon Globeflowers at the base?

A nod to the Summerland with the Apple Blossom Dahlia Mixture and a shout-out to Samhein with the Pumpkin Dahlia Mixture. Old Court Shasta Daisies in honor of the Old Ones?

Who wouldn’t want a Black Sprite Centaurea in the garden? Maybe in the center of a bed of Goblin Gaillardia?

I wonder what plants would go in a Tarot garden? (It’s going to be a long Winter.)

Picture found here.

7 responses to “Some People Play Fantasy Football; I Play Fantasy Gardening

  1. When you plan that Tarot garden, I’ll be very interested in knowing what you plant! Sound like a wonderful idea.

    I’m interested in doing an astrological garden, but that will have to be my fantasy garden because I won’t be able to *do* it for a long while yet.

  2. Also sitting here with a hot cup of tea and looking at all sorts of gardening Pin boards to keep up my spirits and hope my plants survive yet ANOTHER cold snap tomorrow:

  3. Checking around the Dutch Gardens site — did you see the Delphinium — “Pagan Purples” — Really!!!! LOL! Can you just imagine a long curvy line of these beauties — just amazing!!!

    Perhaps these ones should be “required” in all Pagan gardens???? Just teasing! 🙂

  4. 🙂 —- you DID see them — should have read your post more carefully!! 🙂

    Jan (and I still say those Pagan Purples SHOULD be required plantings!!!)

  5. And, re. Goddesses and Gods, let us not forget the Artemisia spp., whose name refers to the Greek Goddess Artemis, and possibly also to Queen Artemisia II of Caria, reputedly a botanist and medical researcher.

  6. Yes — another vote for Artemisia — that lovely soft gray-green — so pretty — and wonderful in flower-and-herb arrangements too!

  7. Oh, an Astrology Garden would be fun, too!
    The Pagan Purples Delphinium would make a lovely background for almost anything.
    And, of course — Artemisia!

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