Current Guilty Pleasure

What’s yours???

4 responses to “Current Guilty Pleasure

  1. I just finished watching ‘Eureka’ for the first time. I didn’t expect to care for the characters as much as I did … and damn those bean-counters who cancelled it because it wasn’t making enough ‘profit’ even though it won awards and regularly drew in an audience in the millions – which doesn’t take into account any means of viewership other than an a live TV viewing audience. Grrrr.

    • Watched the first episode tonight and enjoyed it much more than I had initially thought. Laughed out loud a few times and I agree, found some – many, actually, of the characters quite engaging. Looking forward to the next one.

  2. Favorite murder mystery series: Rosemary & Thyme on the BBC — two gals who team up as gardeners and solve mysteries — this is worth watching just for the gardens and homes! The series are on YouTube ….

    We have also watched (on YouTube) Marple ……

    ….on current TV — we are avid fans of Sherlock ….

  3. Widdershins, I’ll have to add Eureka to my list.
    Jan, loved Rosemary & Thyme and am waiting for PBS to start posting episodes of new Sherlock. Course, I’d watch my secret boyfriend, Benedict, read the phone book, as it were.

    The Miss Fisher mysteries are smart and worth watching for the clothes and decor alone.

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