Great Chieftan o’ the Puddin’ Race

I spent all of yesterday and most of today editing a brief. We’re down, now, to debating whether this citation takes a “See” or a “See, e.g.,” signal and whether we’ve sufficiently conformed all of the references to the other side’s witnesses, just before re-running the Table of Authorities.

But in my mind, I wasn’t at the office editing a brief. In my mind, I was at Burns’ Night. “Great chieftan o’ the puddin’ race” is a line that I’d pretty much kill to have written.

Coming, as it does, just before Imbolc, Burns’ Night is a lovely celebration of poetry, and culture, and history, and, well, of course, food. Imagine if all of our meals were so well-acknowledged.


3 responses to “Great Chieftan o’ the Puddin’ Race

  1. My dear sweet Mum passed away last night (age 93) — and I can remember that she loved Burns Night (and was born not far from his wee cottage) She loved to wear her kilt, dance the reels, loved all of the fine food (including haggis!) and having a few drams “o’ the Best!”

  2. Jan, Blessings on your Mum. May the Goddess guard her. May she find her way to the Summerlands. May her friends and family know peace.

  3. Many many thanks for those kind words!

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