Persecuted Christians Enshrining Persecution?


You can read my latest post over at Pagan Square.

Why WOULD a group of people who are convinced they’re discriminated against want to enshrine discrimination?

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2 responses to “Persecuted Christians Enshrining Persecution?

  1. I believe that Fred Clark gets it right (as he so often does):

    ‘Bishop Kurt Smith wrote, condemning the bill’s dishonest “guise of religious freedom” as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing that masks discrimination under a veneer of piety.”

    ‘That’s true as far as the very generic language of “religious liberty” used by promoters of these bills. But as soon as they get more specific about what they mean by “religious liberty,” the sheep costume falls to the side. This is a wolf in wolf’s clothing. The fangs and claws are obvious for all to see. This effort doesn’t appeal to piety or to a love of religious liberty — it appeals to the same instinct that hanged Mary Dyer on the Boston Common.’

  2. Mak, I love the closing line! Thanks for sharing.

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