Coercive Sex Has No Place in Paganism

As the result of a Pagan musician being charged with possession of child pornography, some in the Pagan community are reconsidering how we deal with sexual predators and others who advocate sexual practices that are coercive. As most branches of Paganism are sex-positive religions, it can be particularly important for us to draw clear lines that allow sex to be the ritual of the Goddess that we know it can be.

One of the issues that has churned up to the fore as a result of the recent controversies involves Gavin and Yvonne Frost’s continued participation in Pagan festivals.

I wrote about the Frosts a number of years ago and I stand by what I said then. In particular, I still believe that:

One of the most important things that I ever read about Wicca, and I apologize for forgetting who wrote it, is “A Witch takes responsibility.” That sentence guides all of my practices within Wicca. Above all, I am responsible for what I do or do not do with my body, which is my only tool for being immanent in this reality. And I will never give that responsibility away to anyone, not even some v eminent witch, or High Priestess, or elder.

I’m glad to see Pagans having this discussion.

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