Everyday Pagans — We Are the Norm, Despite Current News


Given the recent unpleasant news about some Big Name Pagans (BNPs), I think it’s time for another of my Everyday Pagan (EDPs) posts. I love when people share their stories; please share yours in comments or via email. While a number of BNPs embarrass the rest of us, here is how some EDPs live their lives:

* C. works in the science lab of a large, East Coast university. She takes a lot of pride in preparing samples with care, and knows that, ultimately, even her mundane work of keeping petri dishes clean, recording results to the fourth and fifth decimal point, and turning in meticulous records will help to make mothers and babies safe. She practices a very strict version of Reconstructionist Hellenism and does yoga to keep her body fit. C. first read the stories of Greek Goddesses and Gods when she was seven years old and she has never looked back. She coaches a local soccer team and makes her own yoghurt. She invests her savings in solar energy companies and has done rather well, using an algorithm that she learned in college.

* Puton is a solitary Wiccan. Ze lives in the Pacific Northwest and works in the local IT industry. Puton was drawn to Wicca because it included mystery and myth and because it gave zir a chance to explore different Goddesses and Gods. Puton cooks a lot of vegan dishes and writes a Facebook page devoted to vegan recipes. Ze has two teen-aged foster children and spends most evenings helping them with French and Physics homework, laundering their team uniforms, and packing their lunches — bento box style. Someday, Puton hopes to get an MBA, but, for now, zir children come first.

* M. is a chaos magician. M. came to Paganism through Freemasonry (a family activity) and an interest in alchemy. M. has two children and two polyamorous wives. M. is a nurse at a small Midwestern hospital where he works, primarily, in the emergency room. M. owns a small farm where he grown many of the greens and berries that his family eats and the mushrooms that his wives sell at local farmers’ markets; most evenings, he can be found working there when he leaves the emergency room. M. whittles chess pieces in his spare time and reads his children a bedtime story every single night, remembering the stories that his parents and grandparents read to him.

* P. lives in Alaska and works most of the year on TAPS, the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. P. came to Alaska as a young man from Austin, Texas and fell in love with the local landbase. P. bought a small cabin in Valdez and quickly learned to hunt and fish the local landbase. He and his partner have studied how to live in the short Northern Summers and are expanding their solar greenhouse. P. says that T. Thorn Coyle brought him to Paganism; someday, he wants to find a Feri group in Alaska with which to study. For now, he and his partner observe the Eight Great Sabbats of the Wheel of the Year.

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15 responses to “Everyday Pagans — We Are the Norm, Despite Current News

  1. I always have a big smile when I read these stories. We truly are everywhere. 😀

  2. Wonderful stories of EDPs — love each and every one that you can share! 🙂

  3. This is a superb example of what I see as being an “Everyday Pagan.” While acknowledging that this technically a commercial, it still made my cry for the beauty of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaWA2GbcnJU

  4. For your ongoing everyday pagan column…

    *F. works as a Senior Information Technology Technical Director for a big name Telecommunications company all the while holding sacred space for her Coven. She is a High Priestess in a thriving and active local tradition and gives her time and energy to her family, Coven, Tradition, and Community. Despite living in the buckle of the Bible belt in North Texas, her Wiccan community is thriving and growing by leaps and bounds. F. came to Wicca nearly twenty years ago through her grown son now living in another state and has never looked back since finding community. Her growing Coven is focused on knowledge and history of Wicca, Goddess Worship, and Esoteric Studies. F. dreams of the day in the near future when she will retire from her stressful and time-eating career to focus on her creative outlets of writing and painting while feeding her fulfilling spiritual path.

  5. This is such a lovely idea. It would make a great documentary film.

  6. I’m a labor and delivery nurse in a major Cleveland, Ohio hospital. I’ve graduated college twice over with bachelor degrees in English literature and Nursing. I’m married and live with my Catholic in-laws. In my spare time I run a Mary Kay business, play old school video games, and love swimming. I just so happen to also be a third degree High Priestess of Traditional English Wicca with a small active circle, write articles on Paganism, and perform rituals such as handfastings, requiems, and Wiccanings for the local community. Truly, we are everywhere.

  7. C. is a disabled military veteran of the first gulf war who came to knowledge of paganism later in life. An administration assistant at a veteran hospital, C is single with no children but enjoys time spent learning with her new coven and has also embraced the ten principles of burning man. C has a bachelors degree and enjoys learning, cooking, music and ancient history. She hopes to complete her year and a day with her coven. Her spirituality is drawn from the basic tenets of Wicca and living them every moment.

  8. J is a solitary practitioner. She is a woman who is starting her life over embracing her Wiccan side from having it suppressed by a controlling ex-husband. She works part time as a cashier at a large retail chain, Is a mom to three young children, has finally had her good energies brought back by having her 15 year dream to be published realized. She connects with her spirit by focusing on her writing, and by making candles and aroma jars. She tries desperately to ignore the comments from her Christian friends telling her how worried they are for her, and how she will burn in a hell she doesn’t believe in.
    While she has not completely connected with a specific God or Goddess, she has connected with herself and who she truly is by ‘coming out of the broom closet’.

  9. EDP: I am an Asst Vice Pres with a national bank. I hold a bachelors degree in management, attempted law school (didn’t graduate due to work load) worked in finance for over 15 years, and am currently finishing a masters degree in Management. I am a leader of over 20 bankers and have been a mentor to many future leaders within our company while championed various programs. I am a homeowner, have a diverse retirement portfolio (currency, real estate, stocks, mutual funds, ira, etc) and volunteer with Junior Achievement and the VA. I also specialize in financial planning, holistic nutrition, charms, tarot and cleansing/healing spells. I am married to a wonderful man (non pagan) and enjoy road trips, movies, wine tasting, museums, dinner parties with friends, cultural events and politics. I come from a HUGE republican catholic family who has completely engulfed me with their love and support. My favorite response to “But are you a good Witch” is “Are you a good Christian?”

  10. I like that you guys are doing this. It’s a great blog. I am interested in sending you guys a little bit about myself for stories like this. But I couldn’t find an email link on the page because I am stuck using my phone right now.

  11. Merry Meet everyone. Looking forward to sharing and learning with you!

  12. I am a single mom of 4 who homeschools
    I have been Pagan since before I know there was a word for what I was. I believed in reincarnation even as a very young child and my 9 years old I was trying to read my mother’s playing cards. (I was frustrated because I knew I should remember what to do with them…Today I am pretty good with Tarot)

    I came out of the broom closet so to speak when my oldest 2 were babies and it was t he best thing I ever did for myself

    My kids have all been raised as Pagans and my 14 yr old son, has his own altar and sometimes leads ritual. My 6 yr old frequently asks “Mom, can we have a ritual tonight”

    We are just an ordinary, every day family with our ups and downs, good times and bad, getting by with the help of our Gods and Goddesses

    We live in Arkansas and know a few other Pagans to celebrate with.

  13. M runs a family owned retail gift store with her spouse and family. She went to fashion design school and custom makes historical costumes. M ministers and consults on historical theme weddings. You may find her working her family’s spice & tea booth at the local re-faire.
    She was drawn to the strong female equality in Wicca after a childhood of mormonism. She teaches classes and runs free family celebrations for the holidays and sabbats. M reads tarot/oracle cards to benifit a local pet adoption center. She has 2 cats, one being a diabetic cat in remission.
    M collects Peeps and Nightmare before Christmas Sally items. She loves to cook and makes her own bread. Crockpot cooking is a speciality and she loves salsa!

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