We’re Witches. We Should Do Something About This.**


The Nigerian schoolgirls are still missing. Here are some protections spells from Judika Ille‘s wonderful book, The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells: the Ultimate Reference Book for the Magical Arts. If you have time this weekend, you could send some protection to those young women.

* Aura of Protection Spell
Strategically arrange blue crystal gemstones around the home or area you wish to protect, creating a magical boundary to keep out evil. [Obviously, you’ll have to do this in the Ether or by imagining the captured schoolgirls and surrounding them with protection. Holding blue stones in your hand while you do the working and/or surrounding yourself with a circle of such protection and then including the schoolgirls within it could work, too.]

* Basic Botanicals of Magical Protection Candle Spell
Hollow out the bottom of a black, blue, or red candle. Stuff it full of basic protection botanicals and burn the loaded candle. [You could use aloe, dried heather, betony, cactus, garlic, lavender, mugwort, peppermint, roses, rue, stinging nettles, or wormwood. Visualizing the schoolgirls becoming safe, carving your intent into the candle, and/or calling upon a Goddess or God to assist the work could help, as well.]

* Fiery Wall of Protection Spells
Fiery Wall of Protection is among the most famous classic condition formulas. Its name invokes the power of Archangel Michael’s protective flaming sword. The formula may be consecrated to the archangel [but I’d consecrate it to Columbia, who also carries a mighty sword.]

Fiery Wall’s basic ingredients include such powerful protective agents as salt, frankincense, and myrrh. Its red color, the color of protection derives from dragon’s blood [the resin from an Indonesian tree] powder. . . . [T]he dried powder may be used as incense or magic powder. When the powder is added to oil, Fiery Wall of Protection Oil is created.

Carve a red or white candle [with identifying information of the person or persons to be protected]. Dress it with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil and consecrate the candle to the Archangel Michael [or Columbia, or other suitable entity] if desired.

There’s a Full Moon coming. Doing these spells every day, or every other day, between now and then, could increase their strength. After the Full Moon, I’ll post some spells for decreasing the danger to the schoolgirls and weakening the strength of their captors.

** Hat tip to Christopher Penzack for this sentiment.

Picture found here.


2 responses to “We’re Witches. We Should Do Something About This.**

  1. wwomenwwarriors

    We’re having a ritual tomorrow for the girls and to hex the kidnappers. Yes, we witches should do something about this. Thank you for initiating. We were planning it before seeing this post, so looks like we witches are thinking the same thing 😉

    Here’s our post on it:

    It. is. on.
    “So I am hereby calling on all feminist witches out there to join me and my sisterwitches tomorrow, on the full moon, for a spell to specifically help those girls, and indeed all women and girls currently held hostage by men, to help each other, get help by other women, and escape their torturers! may the powers of nature, the elements and animals, the spirits and circumstance all work for and with them to help them escape!”

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