Urban Farming


Here’s an interesting post about urban farming (in Baltimore, in this case) and the impact it can have.

Check out the picture with a vat of fish pepper sauce! I’m growing fish peppers for the first time this year; I won’t have nearly enough to make a whole vat.

What do you city-dwellers grow?

Picture from the post.


5 responses to “Urban Farming

  1. I LOVE Fish peppers. Been growing them for many years now. It’s such a pretty plant, with the variegated leaves. What I don’t see mentioned in the story is the fact that Fish peppers were first bred in the Baltimore African-American fishing communities — I believe around the turn of the 19th century. I don’t make fish sauce, but like most peppers, they freeze well — I just pop them into a freezer bag.

  2. I want to return my small yard to native plant life. It’s my summer project!

  3. Diotima, I didn’t know that bit of history! How do you use your fish peppers — any recipes to share?

    Anne, Pictures! I want pictures!!

    • Hec, I just freeze them, then do a quick defrost under hot water, chop them — make that one, they’re hot! — up small, and add them anywhere I want some heat and flavor. Soups and chili particularly. I don’t eat fish or any seafood except the occasional crab, so I don’t use them as they are intended. 🙂

  4. Diotima, I’m going to try freezing them. Thanks for the tip.

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