Late Spring in the Garden

I thought you might like a garden tour today.

Here’s one of my jack-in-the-pulpits:


Shortly after the jacks bloom, the wisteria flowers:


Then, the iris open up:


And, just now, the foxgloves are in their glory:



What’s blooming in your garden? In your life?

2 responses to “Late Spring in the Garden

  1. Let’s see: Back in town after my mum’s ashes were interred in a lovely ceremony and family lunch … and the garden has thrived after some rain hereabouts! The sunflowers will be over six feet in height soon — and the shorter but stockier sunflower plants version will have an fully blooming flowers this week! Love to watch them turn during the day! All this from bird seeds put out during the winter months. The Lone Tomato has a few small tomatoes too! The lavender survived and has flowers now — and the herbs in the back garden (covered by plastic cauldrons during the winter storms) are huge and full of flowers. And the butterfly bush (well – actually a tree) which lives beside the driveway in back — is sooo tall, full of blooms and bees ….. so the gardens are really humming! 🙂

    LOVE your photos! Just wonderful colors! 🙂

  2. Thank you, HD, for this! Blessings!

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