Tuesday Evening Potpourri

Hygeia by Klimt

Hygeia by Klimt

Here’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen concerning how to use the Moon to help you plant. I especially like the acknowledgement that sometimes, you just have to plant when you can plant or reap when you can reap. (Right now, if I’m not out there picking the pattypan squash and bok choy at least every other day, they grow too big. It’s a nice problem to have.)

Here’s the crux of the advice:

“The core of moon gardening is very simple: the moon has a 29-day cycle made up of two halves, the waxing and waning. That cycle is also split into four quarters – the new moon, the first quarter, full moon, and the last quarter – each of which has its own characteristics and influences.

“The tides are highest at new and full moon and with the moisture rising, that’s when we plant everything that produces its crop underground – the roots, potatoes etc. In the first quarter, we plant everything that produces a crop above the ground – the corns, flowers, legumes and the rest. Full moon is when there is maximum moisture within the soil, and the plant is extracting as much out of the ground as possible – this gives you the best flavour, and the better keeping quality.

“In the last quarter, when the water table is dropping to its lowest, we do all our digging and manuring, taking cuttings and pruning hedges.”

Do you pay attention to the Moon when you garden?

Lettuce is another crop that can bolt quickly this time of year. Here’s a new way to use up even some of the tougher leaves: Lettuce Soup.

The always-brilliant Digby explains to tea-partiers why everything they think they know about America being a “Christian nation” is wrong.

Here are some wonderful pictures of Andy Goldsworthy’s art.

I’m adding this to my To-Read list:

Thanks to Anne Niven for pointing us to this interesting post about the Witch in modern fiction. I especially liked the discussion of survey respondents who talked about:

the trope of some person or group “finding an ancient magical tome which then confers powers on them,” and went on to lament, “This is NOT how it works.”

Sad, but true.

Happy birthday (one day late) to Gustav Klimt, one of my favorite artists.

Picture found here.


4 responses to “Tuesday Evening Potpourri

  1. http://www.gastronomista.com/2011/12/campari-cocktail-redux.html?m=1

    The Corn Goddess cocktail …… hmmmmm…. might be interesting! 🙂

  2. Jan, Very interesting!

  3. http://rueandhyssop.blogspot.com/2014/07/blessing-corn.html

    And a fabulous opportunity to celebrate the Corn Goddess! 🙂

  4. I love Klimt’s work and this is my favorite – I often think of having it done as a tattoo for myself.

    Enjoyed the links…

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