Monday at the Movies — Double Feature Blogging

Here are two very good movies.

The first, tells the story of China’s activist artist, Ai Weiwei. I went to see his According to What exhibit last year at the Hirshorn Museum.

Theodora Goss recently tweeted that, “You can despair about the world. Or you can make art.” I think Ai Weiwei’s art exemplifies that and it’s often impossible to tell where his work stops being art and starts being activism.

The second tells the story of Beatrix Potter. If you know her only as the Victorian author and illustrator of twee children’s books, you’re in for a surprise. Ms. Potter was also an illustrator of fungi and spores and a prize-winning farmer with a keen interest in land conservation. She left a large swath of land and the proceeds from her work to England’s Land Trust.

(PS: I planned to post about Miss Potter, last Monday, but pushed back due to Margot Adler’s passing. Hence, today’s double feature.)


One response to “Monday at the Movies — Double Feature Blogging

  1. I’ve seen the Beatrix Potter film – it is a lovely film and well worth watching. She was so talented and clever – her work on fungi was world class and cutting edge for its time but sadly women in those days weren’t allowed to be world class and cutting edge. So she ended up writing and illustrating her stories which are also wonderful. In Britain we also have her to thank for having the foresight to preserve and maintain a very beautiful part of our country – the Lake District.

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