Magic for Ferguson

Outrage In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old Man

I came home last night to horrific news from Ferguson, Missouri.  Although the news from there has been bad for several days, since the police shot an unarmed African American teen, last night seemed particularly horrific.  Finally, I turned off the computer and walked out onto my tiny Bit of Earth, grounded in my Landbase, called the Powers, and Spirits, and Beings of this Place, cast a circle, lit incense, and petitioned Hecate for a change.  Hecate is the Goddess of the Crossroads and so much of the injustice and senseless violence in Ferguson was happening at the literal crossroads of that town.  And Hecate is the Goddess whose presence brings the conditions that establish the possibility of change.  And Ferguson needed a change. 

Diotima Mantineia earlier today noted:

the ongoing Uranus in Aries (revolution)- Pluto in Capricorn (entrenched power) square, with Mars (violence) and Saturn (government and authority) in Mars-ruled Scorpio, and how it blew up last night as these aspects were triggered by the Moon moving through Mars’ sign of Aries towards its conjunction with Uranus today. I don’t think we will see resolution until after Mars has moved past its conjunction with Saturn toward the end of the month. In fact,we may well see more violent clashes between police and protesters — and not just in Ferguson.*

Tonight, at least so far, things seem calmer in Ferguson.  A different set of police officers have been placed in control and they seem, again, so far, to be working with residents rather than against them.  But I take Diotima’s warning to heart and, tonight, I will again light incense to Hecate.

You come, too.

*  WordPress, I’ll get you, my pretty, for screwing up the link system.  I may take awhile to get around to you, but I will get you.  Diotima’s post is here

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5 responses to “Magic for Ferguson

  1. Hec, thank you for always reminding us that magic can be done simply, quickly, and effectively, calling to allies with a diamond-clear intention. Glad you are doing this, and I will too, because the next few days are definitely pressured. It’s a fragile peace, since the situation in Ferguson is not limited to that town or even that state — it speaks to active problems in the country at large — entrenched racism, poverty and the militarization of the police.

    Interestingly, in about 10 days — plus or minus a day or three — I see a crisis point, and I think there may be a strong and specifically female intervention of some kind. The conjunction of Mars and Saturn around that time will almost certainly bring issues of military authority, and also covert military operations, unavoidably to our attention.

    On another matter entirely, I am planning on updating my website soon, and will probably go with a WordPress site. However, I think I’ll wait until you’ve called off the flying monkeys, because clearly WordPress is about to have a problem. Let me know, OK? 😉

  2. As of this writing both links posted above link to the same Time magazine story and neither to Diotima’s comments. The link from Diotima’s name in the comment section goes to a nonworking Facebook page. And trying to post a comment here is fraught with perils.

  3. Fyreflye, here is a link to my public FB page, Urania’s Well Astrology: Now, hopefully, when I post this comment, it will work…

  4. Excellent idea. I’m headed outside now.

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