Saturday Poetry Blogging

john collier 1850 – 11 April 1934 Pre-Raphaelite 5 stars [] the priestes of bacchus


Susan Hawthorne

the call
that hollow sound of Cumaea
I was here before
thousands of years ago

your hundred mouths
words frothed at the edge
of my mouth

the journey looming
flight into the unknown
descent into
the dark thighs of your cave

my hair snake-wreathed
Etruscan Medusa
speaking with a hundred voices
the sibilant hiss of prophecy

seizure grasped
I flail at vanishing memory
bruised rise from the darkness
and almost miss the plane.

Many thanks to Medusa Coils for sending me Ms. Hawthorne’s new book: Lupa and Lamb.

Picture found here.


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