So I bought a new car today and I’m searching for a good name for her.

Stella, my eleven-year-old Honda Civic Hybrid, finally gave up the ghost. She’s been a good old girl, but she’d begun to need increasingly expensive repairs. (My practice with cars is to pay cash for a new car, maintain it well, and drive it until it becomes unreliable and/or the repair costs begin to approximate a good chunk of what a new car would cost. Then, I pay cash for a new one. YMMV.)

Do you name your cars? I need a good name for my new one — a purpley, black, silvery Honda Civic Hybrid with all kinds of almost scarey navigation/phone/”infotainment” technology. She feels a little bit like she wants to be named for a dragon, but I haven’t found a good one yet.

Tomorrow morning, she’ll get her protection spell, her grounding, and her name.

Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

Picture found here.


14 responses to “Changes

  1. Rowan ni Naradhaigh

    There are several colour names here that may suggest something for you. I have memory of a mineral colour whose name is *just* out of reach in my memory; should I remember it, I’ll pass it on. My dragon lore isn’t much good here – they are all D&D dragons. *wry smile*

  2. “Maleficent ~ both Hero and Villain”. I just saw the movie and loved it. 😉

  3. I had a white 1978 pinto who came to be called “herpalina” due to numerous rust spots.

  4. My 2012 silver Kia Soul is named Effie. Because I kept thinking, “She’s so effing cute!”. I’ve always named my cars. I don’t know any dragon names, but purple-y makes me think of Magenta from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  5. I like Bellatrix…Latin for female warrior. Look it up on Wikipedia and you’ll see that it has significance in other ways. You can call her Bella for short.

  6. For many years my vehicle of the while has borne the name Rocinante mostly because we often share adventure as well as pure utility. I buy them used, for cash, ‘baseline’ them (new brakes, struts, hoses, belts, etc.) if necessary, maintain them well and let them go when they fail in a major way. They have all (save one) served me well over many years and miles each.
    Rocinante may not be appropriate for your purple dragon, however.

  7. Congrats on your new vehicle. For some reason a play on Elder-Berry comes to mind for her name. Though Bellatrix appeals too. I don’t know any Dragon names either.

    Most of our cars have/had names. My 97 Cavalier Wagon is the Toodlewagon – it was my late Father’s car and Toodles was his nickname.
    We also have Eugenia, the 1989 Magical Jeep. And having had sons, we went through many largish steel cars: the Terminator, Big Blue & Swamp Thing. All at the junkyard now, but no one got hurt!

  8. There was the silver Volkswagon I named Leonard when I was 4 after a protagonist in a sci fi show I had just been watching while my parents went out and bought the car.

    Bert and Ernie, a silver and a copper Chrysler LeBaron (same make and model.) Mom used to get us loaded up for the 30 minute drive to the nearest supermarket only to find Ernie wouldn’t start because my dad had needed a battery for Bert. So he scavenged whatever he needed off Ernie and headed to woek, leaving mom and kids carless!

    Figment, a silver Dodge was bought as an insurance totalled car and spent 2 months in the shop before we could drive him. So Figment. (BTW, almost all my named possessions are male, especially all my stuffed animals, except Henrietta Hippo in her lavendar tutu. I has not heard of cross dressing or transvestites at that age. Sorry, my imagination failed me!)

    Old Paint was the white Dodge with the hole under the carpet rusted through on the passenger side. I learned to drive in Old Paint. (Girl car)

    Trouble is the 1959 TR3a my dad bought at 19. Brother has it now.

    We named my dad’s first Cadillac “Spot.” He got so offended! But this used baby came with stickers—yes, stickers—all over the car. The removal left spots of body filler stuff all over. So before the new paint job, “Spot” just “stuck.”

    Current vehicle is “the dog truck.” Pretty descriptive.

    Did you name your new car this morning?

  9. Very cool ride. Congrats!

    I vote for “Endora”

  10. Something Pern-ish, ending in ‘th’.

  11. Ask G/S to suggest a name for a purply-black powerful dragon and I guarantee you will get “Toothless.”

  12. Well, obviously “Kaleesi.” A name so famous it’s spawned a kale burger: Watch your colleagues snap to attention when you drive it into your law office parking lot.

  13. How about Temeraire, a Celestial Dragon

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