It’s As If the Goddess Were Everywhere

Just back from a short swing up to Pennsylvania to see Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water. It was spectacular and if you ever get a chance to go: GO. Here’s the iconic view of Falling Water:


Picture found (and available for sale) here.

And it really is that gorgeous. But I broke off from the tour and found the Goddess at Falling Water. Here’s my picture of her:


(Picture by the blogger; if you copy, please link back).

I sat on a nearby boulder, put my hands on ancient stone, gulped the incense of a benificent pine, slipped into a light trance, and had a wonderful time with Her and the spirits of that place.

May it be so for you.


3 responses to “It’s As If the Goddess Were Everywhere

  1. Color me jealous. Have always wanted to visit that iconic structure. Knowing that your energy has touched and will remain resonating makes me happy.

    Xoxox, old friend.

  2. Though I have yet to visit Falling Water – and probably won’t since I refuse to fly anymore and it’s a very long way from where I live – I have visited both of Wright’s residence-schools at Taliesin (Spring Geen Wisconsin) and Taliesin West (Scottsdale Arizona) and have found both places to be Temples to the Goddess with respect to their particular locales.

    Wright’s ancestry was Welsh and he was raised Unitarian, but I suspect a Druid resided within.

  3. I didn’t see Her when I went there. Guess I’ll have to go again. Oh, the hardship! (Just kidding, that’s a favorite place for me.)

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