Freedom for the Caledonii

My head knows enough to know that I don’t know what I’d need to know to make any kind of rational statement about whether or not Scotland should vote for independence from England.

But my skin, my bones, and my heretic heart are hoping so hard for separation.


4 responses to “Freedom for the Caledonii

  1. I’m not sure I know what I’d need to know to make any kind of rational statement about it either and I live here! On the English side of the border, anyway.
    Interestingly, both sides are now pretty much going with the emotional argument, because I suspect despite assurances no-one quite knows what would happen if the Scots vote for independence. If they do, it’s going to be a leap of faith.
    Attempting a rational statement nonetheless, my fear is for my country, England. Which is sort of ironic. If Scotland becomes independent, we will lose much of the power base of the political left, and I believe English politics would lurch sharply to the right, perhaps with a gentle brake put on by the Welsh. And given how extremely ugly the right wing parties are here, that makes me fearful.
    We’re already hearing a lot of casual anti-Scottish sentiment in the streets and workplace, which of course is essentially racist, which feeds straight in to the right.
    So in a very selfish way, I hope the Scots stick with us.
    Great song, by the way.

  2. Mine, too. I know it would be so hard, with complicated details to work out. But my own heart longs so for freedom that I fancy there are Scottish hearts that long for the same.

  3. Tess, thank you for that perspective! Byron, somehow this bypasses my head and goes right to my DNA. That doesn’t always make for good decisions, but it’s tres difficile to ignore.

  4. My Scottish DNA, too, wants an independent Scotland. Also without reason – my ancestors left Scotland 200 years ago and I’m not knowledgeable about current Scottish politics – but the part of me that rises up and brings fierce tears to my eyes when I hear the bagpipes play also longs for a proud and free Scotland.

    I remember my grandfather telling me when I was a child, “You’re a Murdock and you’re a Scotsman, and don’t you ever forget it!” But it *is* in the blood and the bones, and I couldn’t forget it if I tried.

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